Libby and Morgan on a Paddle BoardWelcome to Patriyachtic!

Hopefully you’ve found us after reading one of the great articles that has already featured Patriyachtic or because you googled something like “nautical gifts” and we were at the top of the results page!  Regardless of what led you to us, we’re SO  happy that you’re here!

Patriyachtic was created to be a port-of-call for like-minded people — folks who love to be on the water and who have a passion for the US of A!  We’re kind of where Atlantis meets America — with a lifestyle blog, a gift shop, a photo gallery of PYTs doing what they do best — be it entertaining, relaxing, cocktail cruising, extreme racing, or simply daydreaming about happy days on the water.

What’s a PYT?  That’s short hand for what we refer to as the “Patriyachtic Type”!   If you’ve stumbled upon us, we’re guessing that you’re a PYT!

Libby with good friends at Camp Morehead by the Sea, Morehead City, NC.

The first PYT is me, the founder of Patriyachtic, Libby O’Malley. I started sailing when I was 13 years old at a wonderful summer camp in North Carolina — Camp Morehead by the Sea.  From the moment that the 19′ Flying Scot heeled over and I scampered to the high side, I  was bitten by the bug.  That explains my boating passion!

And what of my patriotism?  Well, my father was in the Navy — as a pilot — when I  was younger and, as I  entered my  teens, I just loved to look at the old black and white pictures of ships at sea, handsome men dressed in crisp Navy whites, and the emblems and icons that represent America’s naval history — gold stars, blue pea coats, crisp Navy whites.

Since I  was a little girl, I  always had a strong and abiding love for America – spawned by the culture of Texas where I  was born and enhanced by exposure to America’s history from growing up in Fredericksburg, Virginia, one of America’s most historic cities.  The sight of our country’s flag whipping in the wind and the first strains of the national anthem almost always  prompt me to tears of gratitude and joy (often to the surprise of some people who don’t know me  that well).  However, longtime friends and family members often pick the word “patriotic” as their first choice when asked to describe me.


Libby and her family on the dock, next to Carnivore, in Morehead City.

“I love this country and I love the water,” I tell people. “I’m happiest when I’m somewhere with a view of the water, surrounded by people that I love or even new people that I expect I’ll grow to love.  I love sharing my love of the sea and my passion for the United States of America.”   When I  bought my  boat — a 16′ Com-Pac – from a friend who was a Navy lieutenant at the time, I christened her “Patriyachtic.”  Over the years, Patriyachtic has made the cross country trek from Virginia Beach, VA to Coronado, CA and back again to the east coast.  Says my mom, Janel, “Libby says that Patriyachtic has logged more highway miles than nautical miles, but I’m not so sure about that!”


Libby on Patriyachtic in San Diego Bay with friends Dan Casey and Bob Chiarrutini.

Launching the lifestyle brand, Patriyachtic, has been a dream of mine since I  read a  blog by a woman named Gretchen Rubin.  After reading the book, The Happiness Project, I  often pondered, “What makes me happy and how can I, like Gretchen, share that with others?”  One day, while sailing in San Diego Bay on Patriyachtic, a dear friend said, “You should have a website that’s all about this boat and your love of the sea and America.  You could even share all of the neat nautical and patriotic gifts and clothes that you’ve acquired over the years.”  Suddenly, I  knew exactly what I  wanted to do!


Libby and Morgan at the Coronado 4th of July parade, Coronado, CA.

So, welcome to Patriyachtic!  I started this company to honor our oceans, waterways, and America.  I started this company in appreciation for the life that I’ve been so lucky and blessed to live and so that others may find a kindred spirit in what we have to offer at Patriyachtic.  Whether your place on the water is Corpus or Coronado, the Chesapeake or Charleston, the San Juan Islands or the Florida Keys, we’re here for you.  We source 100% of our products from the United States of America.  With Patriyachtic, our goal is to bring classicyet contemporary, nautically-inspired style to your boat, your home, and your closet.

We hope you’ll drop anchor with us often!

Patriotically, nautically yours,

Libby O’Malley

3 thoughts on “The Patriyachtic Story

  1. Twitter “Suggested” I follow you. Love your story – and “The Crystal Coast” of my home state. Twitter was right, I look forward to following you! OhCaptain MyCaptain, CruisingTheICW

  2. I LOVE your story! Look forward to ordering lots of Patriyachtic fun things! Sincerely, the Wandering Mermaid! Melissa

  3. Well written commentary. A nice selection of products.
    Pictures are a bit dark.
    Happy to see it online.
    Rosemary, Flor, Anne and Kelly from Morehead City

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