A new month! A new YEAR! And new digital wallpaper for your phone and PC!

So far, compared to last winter, we've had it pretty darn mild here in Morehead City, North Carolina!  And we are loving every last blue sky, sun beam, and warm degree of weather.  Because, at some point, that's all gonna change!  BRRRR!!! Until that happens, though, we're going to celebrate sunshine, sportfishing, and America with our January 2019 digital download wallpaper.

Click below to snag our monthly freebie -- a lovely image of a North Carolina sportfishing boat flying the Stars & Bars!  And if you don't know what the heck "digital wallpaper" is, no worries!  Drop us a line here and we'll give you a 101 lesson on how to jazz up your laptop, tablet, or PC with a gorgeous image that'll make you smile every time you're "on screen."   

To download the digital wallpaper, click here:

- Mobile phone option with calendar

- Mobile phone option without calendar

Desktop option with calendar

Desktop option without calendar

Patriotically, nautically yours,