A Wonderful Weekend in Wilmington -- Scoping Out the Boat Show

Fun patriotic, nautical friends at the Wilmington Boat Show 

A few weekends ago, the Patriyachtic crew hit the riverfront walk in Wilmington, NC in search of new best friends! We had made a last-minute decision the night before to bust a move south to scope out the Wilmington Boat Show. (This was the first year that JBM & Associates produced a boat show in Wilmington and Jacqui, Erica, and Debbie nailed it! We predict this show will quickly become one of the BEST shows between Maryland and Florida!)

At a McDonald's along 1-95, our Patriyachtic trio grabbed some chow, snagged some wifi, and quickly scored a cute condo from AirBnB -- a condo located in the same building as Level 5 (an awesome Wilmington watering hole). It's also the building that Dennis Hopper bought (cool, right?!) -- and so we were easy riding the rest of the way into Wilmington, knowing we had found a crash pad just a few blocks from the boat show.

We arrived in town Friday night around 6:15pm, and Veronica, one of our talented photographers, announced the light was perfect for photo opps -- "C'mon, we have to move fast before it's gone!"  She grabbed her gear, and we hit the Riverwalk area just behind the Hilton. Our first "victims" were a friendly, rowdy crew from a beautiful boat, Bella Mare, tied up at the Wilmington city dock. This lively bunch – Debra, Neil, Jeff, and James -- gave us instant (positive!) feedback on our hats and shirts and were totally game to be our first models.

James, Neil, Jeff, and Debra chatted with us and offered up some background on their nautical likes and loves. We even learned about James' non-boating hobby -- distilling whiskey! (Coon Bone Whiskey, anyone?). After getting to know one another, engaging in some good old-fashioned heckling, and snapping some fun shots of them in Patriyachtic hats and gear, we parted ways -- with social media accounts shared, contact info in our phones, and plans to reconnect in a few weeks at the Annapolis Boat Show.

Oh, speaking of Annapolis, we're hoping to scout out some of those hottie Naval Academy middies for photo opps -- so if you know a guy or gal at USNA who might be willing to spend a few hours with us on the weekend(s) of the Annapolis boat shows, drop us a line!

In the next few days, I'll share a few more details about our “wonderful Wilmington weekend”!  It really is a terrific boat show and we look forward to having a strong presence there in the future. We loved hearing people say how much they liked Patriyachtic – clearly these were people who love boats and who love America! Our kind of people, right?!

Have a great week, folks, and mind your helms!

Patriotically, nautically yours,

Libby O’Malley