Boat Drinks -- Sipping on a Dark n' Stormy Makes a Sailor Smile

Boat drinks. Boys in the band ordered boat drinks.
- Jimmy Buffet

Ahhh, boat drinks. One of my favorite parts about sailing and being on the water. The desire to wash down the heat and the sun and the splash of the sea spray with something cool and refreshing. Well, cool on a summer day – and not during the rum runner racing season! Brrr!!

But back to boat drinks… of the cool, frothy variety. I think that if I had to pick one adult beverage to never run out of on a boat, it’d have to be beer. Yep, plain old beer… of the light variety. I’ve just found that I can swill Bud Light or Miller Light and get that great social sense that having a cold beer brings but not get fuzzy headed (or feel like hell the next day). Of course, boating and drinking must be done responsibly! I’m not advocating for getting smashed underway, just saying that having a grown-up drink when the sun is on your face and you're slicing through the waves is a beautiful thing.

Aside from what some folks would probably deem “boring beer,” another of my other favorite boat drinks is a Dark 'N Stormy. Even if they’re not fans of it, most sailors know that a Dark 'N Stormy is made with dark rum and ginger beer. It is most often associated with the Gosling Brothers brand of dark rum. (In fact, the phrase Darn 'N Stormy is trademarked by Goslings!) Garnished with a slice of lime, the Dark N’ Stormy is served in a highball -- and promises plenty of hijinx when consumed!

Here’s the recipe -- straight from the good folks at Goslings – give it a try! And, seriously... do boat responsibly. Alcohol on the water can have some pretty sobering results. Once you get safely back to shore, well, then hunker down, drink up, and then live up to the ballad of the drunken sailor.

The official recipe for a Gosling’s Dark N Stormy is as follows:

- 1.5 oz Gosling’s Black Seal Rum
- Gosling’s Stormy Ginger Beer... or another brand of ginger beer is fine... my fave is Reed's Extra Ginger Brew

In a highball, filled with ice, add 4 – 5 oz of ginger beer and top off with Gosling’s Black Seal Rum. To ward off scurvy, garnish with a lime wedge.

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