Discovering a Love for Boats

Born in Texas and then "detoured" to California until I was six, the place where I really grew up was Fredericksburg, VA. Back then, it was a small town off of I-95 just about halfway between Washington, DC and Richmond, VA. It used to be known as the birthplace for George Washington -- now, people recognize it as "the place where traffic comes to a complete halt on Interstate 95."  Before this illustrious transportation brand came to pass, hundreds of years ago, Fredericksburg was at one point the furthest inland deep-water port of Virginia and the Carolinas, making it an important city for transportation and commerce.  The Rappahannock River is a narrow, shallow and clean river – beautiful and well suited for a variety of boating – canoeing, kayaking, motor boating, fishing. It’s definitely not a sailor’s haven, but when we first moved to Fredericksburg in 1972, I couldn’t tell a sailboat from a canoe. If it was on the water and it floated, to my seven-year old self, it was just a boat -- and that was about all the thought I gave to the subject.

Flash forward a few years to when I was 13. After three other summers of being at a lovely all-girls camp in the mountains of West Virginia, my mother put a brochure for a co-ed sailing camp on the coast of North Carolina under my nose. As soon as I turned the first page, a spark went through me, and I knew my life had been changed. Camp Morehead, a relaxed summer camp on the salty waters of Bogue Sound, was where I would spend the next nine summers of my life -- coming into my own as a young woman, making friends for life, and beginning my forever love affair with boats… both sailboats and powerboats.

Little did I know at 13 years old that this first exposure to boats at Camp Morehead would become a lifelong passion and would lead to the launch, some 37 years later, of Patriyachtic, a brand whose entire essence is based on two things:  a love of boats and a love of America. Yes, in addition to being passionate about boating, my other love is America, this amazing, wonderful country into which I feel so lucky and blessed to have been born.

How did I come to fall in love with America? I’ll share that little story in an upcoming post. Until then, wishing you wonderful days on the water and blue skies overhead!

Patriotically, nautically yours,