Early October brings you a gift -- our first free digital wallpaper!

October has arrived and, while many of us here in Eastern North Carolina, are sad to think of summer slipping further and further away, after the horrendous month of September with the fury that was Hurricane Florence, we’re ready to embrace October.  In Carteret County, where we live and work, the schools opened yesterday and we’re hoping that our neighboring counties will soon be back-to-school.  There’s just something about having the kids in school that says “Ahhhh, normalcy.”  And while it’s going to be “not normal” or the “new normal” for a long time here, we’re ready to do some new stuff at Patriyachtic – starting with providing our crew with monthly wallpaper for their desktop, laptop, and mobile devices.  We’ll help you carry your love of boats and of America with you digitally where ever you go!

We’re starting out very simply in October.  It's merely a pretty image without the option of having a calendar on it for handy reference.  There are two size options for download – one for desktop and one for mobile devices.  (Next month, we’ll include a laptop option.)  It’s a crisp image – a white sail against a Carolina Blue sky.  Yup, we’re still hanging on to the blue bird days of summer while we can – November will be here soon enough with its daylight savings time darkness and chillier days on the water.

If you have a great image that you’d like to have featured as one of our monthly wallpaper options, please send it our way!  We’re scouting images that feature our two favorite things – boats and the American flag!  So, if you’ve got one of those pix in your iPhone, please pass it along to us and we’ll ensure you got photo credit and a tee-shirt if your image is selected.

Our wallpaper images are free each month – a little “Thank You!” to our valued Patriyachtic crew.  Simply download the correct size for your purposes and have a great October!

Patriotically, nautically yours,

Libby O’Malley

Again, to download the correctly sized image, click here for desktop and click here for mobile device.