Free gift from us -- with thanks and gratitude -- November digital wallpaper is here

november digital wallpaper from Patriyachtic

Wow.  November.  Here it is -- in all of its red, gold, orange, and yellow glory!  We're still getting back to normal after Hurricane Florence here in Eastern North Carolina, and a lot of us are sad that September and October, two of the nicest months to enjoy the beauty and best of Carteret County, were marred by the storm and all of its devastating aftermath.

So, maybe that's why we're turning optimistically to November -- and thinking and thanking. We're thinking of all the great things ahead -- Veteran's Day (a personal favorite!), Thanksgiving (so much to love about it), and then the hubub and buzz of The Holidays. We're thanking, too -- thanking all the people who helped and supported our region after the storm, thanking our lucky stars that our own home and company suffered so very minimally, and thanking God for sparing Eastern North Carolina the worst of what could have been and for the blessing that we still count Morehead City as our home and our home base for Patriyachtic.

Last month, we launched our first free digital wallpaper downloads, and we've got our second batch to offer to you today, on this first day of November. The wallpaper comes in four options -- two for mobile phones and two for desktops. (We're working on adding a tablet option next month!) Each option comes with or without a calendar. So you can use the wallpaper to jazz up your screen with a jaunty nautical image or you can make it utilitarian too -- by using the version that features the calendar.

To download the digital wallpaper, click here:
- Mobile phone option with calendar
- Mobile phone option without calendar
- Desktop option with calendar
- Desktop option without calendar

As ever, we think of you, our Patriyachtic crew, and we thank you for liking, loving and believing in our brand -- a brand that's true to boats and true to America.

Wishing you a terrific month of November -- and a safe and happy Thanksgiving, it's a truly awesome American holiday replete with all the fixins!

Patriotically, nautically yours,