Pandora, West Marine, and Steppenwolf

west marine waterlife radio pandora channel

I’m kind of a music moron. While I’ve got an incredible variety of songs, artists, bands, and genres in my iTunes library, I have a heckuva time trying to name the singer or band when I hear a song – unless it’s any one of these: Jimmy Buffett, Elton John, or Van Morrison. Oh, yeah, I can also nail Linkin Park, George Strait, and Supertramp on the first couple of notes, too. But other than that, yup, I’m a music moron.

That said, I love to listen to great tunes when I’m on a boat or near a boat, say, sitting on the deck of my favorite dock-side watering hole or lounging on the porch hammock ogling the water and wind at play on Bogue Sound where I live and where the Patriyachtic office is.

I’ve seen a few playlists for “boat music” here and there, so I was curious when I learned that West Marine had launched a playlist/channel on Pandora: West Marine Waterlife Radio. (And, yes, I know about Pandora. I’m not a TOTAL music moron!) So, today, while avoiding work I should have been doing, checking out the West Marine channel seemed like a good thing to do.

And I’m so glad I did! Of course, the “usuals” are on there. Songs and artists that are almost synonymous with boats (i.e., Jimmy Buffett and Kenny Chesney) but I was very pleasantly surprised to hear Sheryl Crow, Jack Johnson, and the Eagles.  For me, the Beach Boys is a bit of a stretch – I don’t know why… maybe they just seem more beachy than boaty… but hey, it's cool. It's good.  It's all good because on West Marine's channel, there are more than 100 songs that have been curated to “evoke and inspire a love of all things water.” And we can definitely relate to that!

Here at our little Patriyachtic office, we’ve got West Marine's Waterlife Radio channel on a lot, and we’re curating our own list of boat songs too. A handful of  favorites include:

- If I Had a Boat… Lyle Lovett
- Southern Cross… Crosby, Stills & Nash
- Boat Drinks… Jimmy Buffett
- Drive… Allen Jackson
- Magic Carpet Ride… Steppenwolf

Now, you may be raising an eyebrow at how Steppenwolf and boats have any sort of connection, so I’ll share the back story: I first heard this song as a young camper at Camp Morehead. I absolutely loved everything about it from the very first note, but the lyric that caught my ear was “On a cloud of sound I drift in the night, any place it goes is right.” And, as a clueless 13-year old girl who had just fallen madly in love with sailing – on Bogue Sound – I thought the words were about a sound – the ocean inlet kind of sound, not the music kind of sound. So, while everyone else was jamming to Steppenwolf and envisioning Aladdin's kind of magic carpet, I was smiling to myself, thinking about sailing happily down Bogue Sound.

Anyway, back to Pandora and West Marine… if you’re a Pandora person (who loves boats and who loves America!), do check out this station. And if you’re not a Pandora person but still have a favorite boat-related song, drop us a line (  and tell us the song and the back story – if there is one. Maybe we’ll put it on rotation on Patriyachtic’s play list!

Have a great week and keep on rockin' the boat!

Patriotically, nautically yours,

Libby O'Malley