Spring Break -- We'd Love to Stow Away in Your Bag!

spring break clothing gifts gear patriotic nautical red white and blue


Whether you’ve got big kids or little kids (or no kids -- looking at you, college kids!), no doubt spring break is a big deal in your family’s life. For those Patriyachtic folks who are lucky enough to get a spring break – and to go somewhere warm and sunny – savor it, people, SAVOR IT! Get excited about it! Yeah, yeah, we know – there’s all those details and logistics to think of… putting the mail and newspaper on hold, dog sitter arrangements, and packing! Oy vey, the packing!!

But, let’s be honest, even though packing itself is a drag, don'tcha get a little happy feeling when you start pulling out your spring and summer clothes – the pinks, the yellows, the kelly greens... the RED, WHITE, and BLUE?!  Banish those black, gray, and dark green tweeds and woolens to their summertime fortress (let them battle the moths!) and bring on the lightweight cashmere, the seersucker, and the cotton! (We’re especially partial to the organic bamboo cotton from which our darling beach cover ups and night shirts are made!) ;)

Don't stress about packing... Patriyachtic has you covered for spring break! Here’s a quick checklist of Patriyachtic gear you’ll definitely want in your suitcase:

- Ball caps – Because “Beach Hair? Don’t Care!” is cute and all, but when you’re out in that salty, breezy air, it’s nice to have a ballcap to keep your hair off your face. The guys love to sport a Patriyachtic ballcap when they're out on the water, too, so grab one for everyone in the family! Navy, white, or khaki -- propeller and sail logo designs!

- T-Shirts – Get a few because they’re so FUN and you’ll get all sorts of compliments! The comment we keep hearing over and over again? “These are so different! They don’t look like the same old boat or fish t-shirt that everyone else is wearing.” Red, white, and navy blue stand out from the usual florals, pinks, light greens – show off your patriotic, nautical side when you're spring breakin' for the border!

- Note Cards – Still haven’t caught up on Christmas thank-you notes? Need a hostess gift? Wanna drop an old friend a quick line while you’re poolside? Our new postcards feature five different “boat quotes” and come ten to a pack. less than $15, you’ve got a great way to stay in touch with some dear pals or show your hostess your appreciation for her hospitality!

- Koozies – Don’t let that bottled water (or ice cold beer!) get lukewarm in the hot, spring break sun! Wrap that rascal and keep it chillin’ in a Patriyachtic koozie. We’ve got propeller logos for the power boat crew and sailboat logos for the blow boater types! Click here to order a half-dozen to have on hand and in hand!

So there you have it! Four great items to order and pack in that duffle bag -- oh, we almost forgot, make sure to add a few of our awesome luggage tags to your cart and stow some of our "Below Deck Playing Cards" -- just in case your luggage gets lost or it rains!

Hey, listen, have yourself a GREAT spring break! We're excited that you're going to Saint Somewhere, where there aint any snow, where there aint any blow (to borrow a few phrases from Jimmy Buffett)! Have a safe trip -- and we look forward to seeing your vacation pics. No, seriously, we do! As long as you're showing off some of your cool Patriyachtic gear that is! ;)

Smooth sailin'!

Patriotically, nautically yours,

Libby O'Malley