Internship with Patriyachtic

Internship with Patriyachtic? Make it happen for 2017!

Internship with Patriyachtic
Interns wanted! Ready to join the Patriyachtic crew?


Welcome to Patriyachtic, a place for people who love boats and who love America.  Read on to find out about our awesome internship opportunities!  At Patriyachtic, you’ll find classic, nautical, and patriotic clothing and gear – for your boat, your home, your closet.  We help you celebrate and showcase your passion for boating and for this great country.

We are a new company!  How new? Well, we say that we launched on July 4, 2016 – but we really didn’t even get started until mid-August.  The boating industry is a $121 billion dollar industry in America.  Boater demographics tend to skew on the conservative side, and US boaters are particularly enthusiastic about America (as opposed to some other hobby, sporting sectors whose demographics are not as pro-American). 

We want our products to touch the hearts of our customers.  We want them to feel happier about their lifestyle and about living in America by connecting with Patriyachtic through our apparel and gear.

About the internship:

You’ll be supporting Patriyachtic’s social media relations efforts to get our brand in front of new audiences. Owning real, meaningful work as an integral part of the team, you’ll be working closely with our small staff (there are two of us co-founders) and you’ll be exposed to all sides of Patriyachtic’s marketing strategy.  You’ll learn about…  Continue reading Internship with Patriyachtic? Make it happen for 2017!


Wilmington Weekend Part 3: Meet the Hendren’s

The Hendren Family of Wilmington, NC
Shane, Jennifer, Davis, and Abbey — Red, White, and Cute!

Meet Patriyachtic friends…
the darling Hendren Family!

The Hendren’s are just about the nicest (and prettiest!) family you’ll ever meet — and meet them we did during our Wonderful Wilmington Weekend at the September boat show.  Jennifer, Shane, Abbey, and Davis — plus their good family friend, Orlin Dee Taylor (affectionately known as “OT”) — came wandering down the Wilmington city dock.  The first thing that caught our eye about them was precious Abbey’s adorable red, white, and blue outfit.  This little fashionista quickly captured our hearts — and we begged ’em for a family photo opp.

Good sports that the Hendren’s are, they handed over the NC State gear they were sportin’ (in support of the Wolfpack who was playing ECU that day!) and slipped in to some Patriyachtic duds. Hottie mommy Jennifer got a kick out of our “Shipfaced and Feelin’ Nauti” tee while that handsome hubby of hers initially played it cool  Continue reading Wilmington Weekend Part 3: Meet the Hendren’s


Wilmington – A Wonderful Weekend – Part 2

Wilmington's Justin Spence rocks a Patriyachtic koozie!
Justin Spence tweeted us this pic of him with a Patriyachtic koozie he scored on the sly in Wilmington.

Wonderful Wilmington Weekend, Part 2

Yowza!  I can’t believe it’s already been three weeks since I shared the first post about the AMAZING weekend we had in Wilmington, NC on the weekend of their inaugural boat show in September.  (Where is the time going?!)  In my head, I keep going back to that crazy, hectic, motivating, inspiring weekend — as the days are getting shorter and as Patriyachtic keeps sailing on.  I figured it was high time that I get those memories out of my head and on to the blog – so you can vicariously experience the fun of that weekend with us!

Continue reading Wilmington – A Wonderful Weekend – Part 2


Nauti Letters – Nautical Flag Letter Z

Image of nautical flag letter Z with its meaning
Z is for Zulu.  It also means “I require a tug.”  …Is it just us or does that sound kinda dirty?

The International Code of Signals contains a set of nautical flags that are used as a communication tool between two or more ships or between ship and shore for purposes related to the safety of navigation or persons.  It is a universal code of signals used by all nations.  While modern ships rely primarily on radio communications, these flags can be useful when language difficulties arise or radio silence is needed. Continue reading Nauti Letters – Nautical Flag Letter Z


What a Wonderful Wilmington Weekend It Was — Part 1!

Wilmington Boat Show
James, Jeff, Debra and Neil – our new besties from the Wilmington Boat Show

Three weeks ago this coming Saturday, the Patriyachtic crew hit the riverfront walk in Wilmington, NC in search of new best friends!  Patti MacKay, Veronica Donnelly, and I had made a last-minute decision the night before to bust a move to Wilmington to scope out the Wilmington Boat Show.  (This was the first year that JBM & Associates produced a boat show in Wilmington and Jacqui, Erica, and Debbie nailed it! We predict this show will quickly become one of the BEST shows between Maryland and Florida!)

At a McDonald’s along 1-95, our  Patriyachtic trio grabbed some chow, snagged some wifi, and scored a cute condo from AirBnB — a condo located in the same building as Level 5 (an awesome Wilmington watering hole).  It’s in the same building that Dennis Hopper bought (cool, right?!) — and so we were easy riding the rest of the way into Wilmington, knowing we had found a crash pad just a few blocks from the boat show.

We arrived in town around 6:15pm, and Veronica announced the light was perfect for photo opps.  She grabbed her gear and we hit the Riverwalk area just behind the Hilton.  Our first “victims” were a friendly, rowdy crew from Bella Mare, a 50′ Nordic Pilothouse, tied up at the Wilmington city dock.  This lively bunch — James, Jeff, Neil, and Debra — gave us instant (positive!) feedback on our hats and shirts and were totally game to be our first REAL models.  (One of our values at Patriyachtic is authenticity — so we only use real people, real Americans who have no prior professional modeling experience.  Keep an eye out for our “Be a REAL American model” ads in various boat show cities in the coming months!)

James, Neil, Jeff, and Debra chatted with us and offered up some background on their nautical likes and loves.  We even learned about James’ non-boating hobby — distilling!  (We can’t wait to sample some of his hooch — home brewed on Coon Bone Hill Farms in Cedar Creek, NC!  We’ll tell ya the story of the Coon Bone name soon!)  After getting to know one another, engaging in some good old-fashioned heckling, and snapping some fun shots of them in our hats, we parted ways — with social media accounts shared, contact info in our phones, and plans to reconnect in a few weeks at the Annapolis Boat Show.  (Can’t wait to see y’all again!)

Speaking of the Annapolis show, that reminds me, I gotta scoot and get our ads placed for our “Be a REAL American model” campaign on Craigslist in Annapolis.  Plus I better nail down some details of our Patriyachtic presence at that show.  We’re hoping to scout out some of those hottie Naval Academy middies for photo opps — so if you know a guy or gal at USNA who might be willing to spend a few hours with us on the weekend(s) of the Annapolis boat shows, drop us a line!

I’m off — but in the next few days, I’ll share more about our Wonderful Wilmington Weekend – Part 2!

Patriotically, nautically yours,