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Welcome to Patriyachtic!

We are so happy you are here!  Patriyachtic is a port-of-call for like-minded folks – people who love boats and who love America.  Yup, that’s our mantra:  #LoveBoatsLoveAmerica! 

If you daydream about cocktail cruises on the Intracoastal Waterway, dramatic sunsets on Memorial Day, extreme racing a la the America’s Cup (Go, Team USA!) or dangling your toes from a dock in Destin with fireworks overhead, you’re Patriyachtic.  I am Libby O’Malley, founder of Patriyachtic, and I look forward to sharing our mutual love of boats and America. 

My love for the water began at age 13 at summer camp when I first scampered to the high side of a 19’ Flying Scot in a full wind.  My love for this country began earlier.  My father was a Navy pilot, and the old black and white photos of ships at sea, handsome men in dress whites, gold stars and blue pea coats became intertwined in my DNA.  I love this country and I love to be on the water.  Millions of Americans share these two great loves of my life.   They’re patriotic with a bit of yacht thrown in… PatriYACHTic!

When I bought my first boat (from a Navy lieutenant, of course!), a 16’ Com-Pac, I christened her Patriyachtic.  That boat, bedecked in red, white and blue from bow to stern garnered a lot of “Wow, great boat, great name!” comments.  One day while sailing in San Diego Bay after I’d shared the story of the boat’s name, a good friend aboard suggested that I build a website highlighting my love of the sea and America.  The light bulb clicked on.  Patriyachtic, the lifestyle brand, was born.  It was July 4, 2012. 

It took me a while to figure out exactly what I wanted Patriyachtic to be, and that finally happened in 2016.  We did a lot of product experimentation that year and then officially set sail in 2017, the same time that I moved to Morehead City, NC --- where I'd first learned to sail on that Flying Scot years before!  Patriyachtic -- the brand for people who love boats and who love America -- has been a long time coming.  I hope you like what we’ve become and hope you will share your thoughts on where we’re going!

Patriyachtic offers classic, yet contemporary, nautically-inspired style for your boat, your home, and your wardrobe.  Our products are 100% Made in America.  They are unique, sturdy, and fun.  They’re for people who love boats and who love America.  I hope you’ll drop anchor with us often! 

Patriotically, nautically yours,

Libby O’Malley


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