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Wilmington Weekend Part 3: Meet the Hendren’s

The Hendren Family of Wilmington, NC
Shane, Jennifer, Davis, and Abbey — Red, White, and Cute!

Meet Patriyachtic friends…
the darling Hendren Family!

The Hendren’s are just about the nicest (and prettiest!) family you’ll ever meet — and meet them we did during our Wonderful Wilmington Weekend at the September boat show.  Jennifer, Shane, Abbey, and Davis — plus their good family friend, Orlin Dee Taylor (affectionately known as “OT”) — came wandering down the Wilmington city dock.  The first thing that caught our eye about them was precious Abbey’s adorable red, white, and blue outfit.  This little fashionista quickly captured our hearts — and we begged ’em for a family photo opp.

Good sports that the Hendren’s are, they handed over the NC State gear they were sportin’ (in support of the Wolfpack who was playing ECU that day!) and slipped in to some Patriyachtic duds. Hottie mommy Jennifer got a kick out of our “Shipfaced and Feelin’ Nauti” tee while that handsome hubby of hers initially played it cool with our Patriyachtic signature tee. It wasn’t long before everyone got silly and Shane too opted in for a “Get Nauti” tee. (Maybe all that getting naughty explains how they came to have such two beautiful children?! Hmmm. But we digress.)

As we oohed and ahhed over this picture-perfect foursome, we got a chance to chat up their dear friend Orlin Dee Taylor.  “OT” said he wasn’t much up for getting his picture taken, but we think he styles the Patriyachtic “Plankowner” ball cap right nicely!  Thanks, OT!  You definitely are a Patriyachtic fella!

Stay tuned for more pix of our photo shoot with the Hendren-Taylor crew.  You’ll be seeing them on our website and in an upcoming blog post too!

Non-Wilmington families: Is your family this darling? Do you live in Virginia, North Carolina, or Maryland?

We’d love to do some more photo shoots with REAL American families!  Send us an email with your family photo to be considered for Patriyachtic family photo session.

Patriyachtically, nautically yours,

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